The part that excited some people about cleaning can often be the part that scares others: 


Let's see if we all can't ease in to this in a way that is enjoyable for all!

Day 1 was yesterday... simply deciding you wanted to do be a part of this (not sure what we are doing? read this post). It may have been an instant decision, or it may have been mulled over for the day, or you may be joining in on April 20th---a future time as I write, but the perfect moment for you! When isn't important- the decision is! 

Day 2 is today... This isn't super complicated but definitely needs a bit of thought from us.

Grab a notebook, pencil/pen, and a timer.  Find a place where you can sit and not see your craft room, desk, creative corner---whatever you call the space where you keep your knitting related things. Do this bit somewhere else you can be comfy! (Yes! treating yourself to a moment on the front porch works! Absolutely you can stay in bed for this! In your home or at the local café makes no difference, just don't be anywhere near the area we are going to revamp!

  1. Set your timer for 4 minutes
  2. At the top a page write "GOOD STUFF" and list everything you enjoy about the area you consider your knitting nook or crafty corner or studio. Nothing on this page is a negative! Have your stash super organized: write it down! Did you make a mood board last year that was so lovely but now you feel it is outdated? Write down how much you loved making a mood board and all the fun it was to see when you first put it up---don't critique it now. Is your place cluttered and messy to the point you can't think of one positive? Then don't dig so deep. Share the good about what you first loved about the spot: natural light, quiet corner, near the fireplace, a gentle breeze sometimes comes through the window. Start there and write until the timer trills.
  3. Set timer for 5 minutes
  4. Flip the page and write "BETTER STUFF" and list all the things you think would make your spot better---and by "better" I mean STELLAR--- But only use 2 word blurbs that are super specific! 

    • For instance you may think "I want it clean with everything organized so I know exactly where things are when I wan them!" but you can't write that!

      •  Instead try "organize stash"

      • "easy access"

      • "trackable inventory"

      • Just get writing because the 5 minutes goes by fast   

  5. Close your notebook and be done for the day!

Day 3: Tomorrow & each Sunday this month we don't "do" anything. It is a day to catch up. Right now it may not seem like much, but we are easing in to things and will be adding more and more as we go. Enjoy the simplicity of starting something new!

I will see you here Monday when we will roll up our sleeves to dive in a bit more!