It is Spring and the instagram feeds are lovely! Just a magnificent display of tidy flowers and fresh knits and zen spaces and #nonfrizzyhair... 

And then there is ME...

digging in to spring...

or perhaps digging out of winter? 

Or (let's be honest Melissa)

 digging out of a jumbledclutteredmess I created over the winter!

  • Knitting stuffed "some-where-over-here"---> Didn't I shove that project back in this corner yesterday to dig through that other pile of projects?
  • Crafty space out of balance---> I must not breathe too hard or an avalanche of piled swatches will bury me! 
  • HAZMAT zone---> Where are all my US5 needles!? I have 20!! *crunch!*snap* Yup, my backside just found a pair...

I know, I know! I do encourage everyone to be neat and tidy knitters. I want the best for you ---and for me. I totally chatted up this topic with a former guest on Episode 16 and if I talked about it, I should be a pro practicing it, right? 

w r o n g 


Even my best routines and habits need revamping from time to time.

April is getting ready to start, Spring energy is blooming everywhere and I am preparing to move about 1500 miles away. I should probably organize and refine my tidying habits.

Here's my idea:


We clean up together. And we do it slowly, intentionally, merrily and with accountability! That way we don't have any unnecessary craziness that is self inflicted! (anyone get enough crazy externally?)

So slow, steady, smiling & sharing is how I have it planned.

S L O W 

April has 30 days. Why not take advantage of each of them? 


Each day we do a little bit, and there will be days where it really is just a little bit!

We will be less likely to feel overwhelmed and more likely to be eager to continue (Always leave them wanting more I hear!)

S M I L I N G 

We are cleaning and organizing here, not slaying dragons right? (Remind me of that in to week 3...) We should be able to keep a smile on our face and some merry-making messages to each other in the mix! And I have some ideas to keep you cheerful as well go! 

S H A R I N G 

Can we be authentic you and me for the month of April? Yup, that does mean we have to share "before" images. Misery loves company, but shame-filled mess makers NEED company! 

Besides, if you tell others you are going to do something, you are more likely to follow through on your commitments. Make the commitment FOR YOURSELF, share that commitment WITH OTHERS and do something that may inspire EVERYONE!


Whew! For a sec I was worried.  It will be me and you, and maybe a few others? 

Right now, comment below, tell me you are here and tell me all the great ways you keep organized and ONLY ONE THING you make a #JuMbLeDclutteredMESS

And then be sure to pop back in here tomorrow (April Fools Day-- kinda fits!) 

I am super stoked! Believe you me, this will be fun. And at the end, you and me, we will have some stories to share!



ps. if you are going to be a part of this why not share the opportunity with others! you and i both know we are not the only ones with yarn explosions in every room, projects hiding the last dinosaur and a secret fear of never being found if our mountain of knitting patterns topples over! yes...there are more of us out there!