Meet A Yarn From Issue 1!

We love Buckaloo View yarn.

Part of the reason is the natural way it is created with things picked or grown or sourced from around Buckaloo View Farm.

The bigger part is the dyer behind the yarn. 

Both of us (Melissa and Melody) created a piece for the Unearth collection in yarn by Buckaloo View, different bases, different colours, different creations. We did this because we cherish the story behind the hands that work hard to bring this naturally dyed yarn to others.

We of course are thrilled to share the yarn with readers.

We are immeasurably more excited to share our story of meeting Buckaloo View with you!

The yarn featured here is the one Melissa used to create her contribution to Unearth. It was dyed with onion skin on the Fingering II Base, a blend of wool and silk (70-30%).