This episode is really a Linen Lovefest! 

Melissa here, and it is time I come clean...I have an obsession with LINEN! Yes, wool is fabulous, but I must admit, my heart beats little faster, my smile gets a bit brighter and my hands quiver with anticipation over - L I N E N -

So in this podcast I will share about getting started with linen blends, my love for linen, some ideas for prepping the yarn as well as mentioning a few different linens I really enjoy.


Fern Fiber's naturally dyed alpaca, silk, linen blend (more to share on episode 21 about this delightful yarn!)

Quince&Co. Sparrow and Kestrel 100% organic linen

Also there is a booklet from the 6 Bits WANDER collection that I offer as this week's free gift that I hope you enjoy. Text 20LINEN to 44222 or click the button below!

Enjoy the episode and please share your thoughts, questions & observations on linen!