This week it's just me, Melissa. No lovely intro music, no awesome person of interest, no terrific (and very much missed) producer Josh...just me chatting with you in the simplest way about how I love knitting. 

Can you get excited about that? 

I share about how this time of year I find myself eager for stolen moments outside with green grass beneath my feet, but often I must settle for a gentle breeze through a window as days are somewhat filled. 

You have those moments too I am sure. Where we long to knit a row--heck, we would settle for a stitch or two! There are days where my happy times are in the imaginings of knitting: how I would love to start this project...or try that yarn...or maybe this new dyer...

The daydreams are often lovely gifts to enjoy as much as the actual knitting.

So we chat of these things. And I encourage you to share with me in words, written or spoken! Listen to the podcast to see what I suggest!

Hannah's Courage has released on Ravelry. It has been priced in such a way to promote a community of sharing all the way round! Proceeds will be given to Hannah to offset her expenses for brain surgery, folks who knit it during the MKAL will receive the final Look Book and Easy Print copies in their inbox and might enjoy giving the final pattern as a gift to someone via Ravelry. I hope everyone who joined in knitting the hat will link their projects too!

And now...enjoy the podcast!