Aloha Dear Listeners!

This episode is filled with love and passion and room for improvement! Josh, the awesome sound guy for the podcast, has the holiday off, so Melissa made this podcast on her own! You will be DELIGHTED to know Josh returns for Episode 14! 

Today we share time with my favourite non-knitter ever: my husband Dennis. Before you get too confused as to what a surfer might have to share of worth for knitters, I want to encourage you to enjoy listening to this raw, very un-edited conversation with ears open to hear how someone who doesn't knit or spin can be so influenced by our amazing craft!

Also of mention:

  • December skein winner announced!
  • The Acadia Wheel: See it on this old video podcast I did back in my SingleHanded Knits days: or see some photos here:
  • I also mention how the new year brings new opportunities to work with 6 bits Storybooks, the publication and the podcast! This is a limited time opening as I believe in getting to know those we work with and crafting the perfect story for us to create together! If you and your brand are interested in learning more text SPONSORSHIP to 44222 or Visit Here
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