Aloha All!

The holiday season is a great time to share the knitting with special people in our lives.

This week on the podcast Melody joins Melissa to talk about the knitted projects on and off the needles that are intended for others.

We would love to thank Infinite Twist for always curating beautiful kits that really make gift giving way any time of the year! Have you seen the incredible collection of socks and shawls and beautiful things in the Infinite Twist Shop? You may just be surprised at how thoughtfully put together all the treats are! Of course THIS is my favourite kit & it is under $30! 

This week we chatted about several different things on Melody's needles: 

• simple house slippers by temple of knit

• The pressed leaves hat by Alana Dakos


Melissa is knitting a pattern her mum couldn't (lol! or wouldn't) give her a pattern for...

If you are interested in the Tips and Helps for Giving Handknit Gift click the image below!

And have a listen here or on iTunes: