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  • Variety of designs, accessories and garments
  • Helpful articles to educate and esteem knitters
  • Behind the scenes look at the designing process from creators of the featured patterns
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R E F L E C T 


Our third issue REFLECT shares 6 patterns paying homage to those influences that have made us the creative people we have become. REFLECT honors memories that have strengthened our creative resolve, our adventurous present and our brilliant future.

In our 3rd issue we proudly share:

  •  6 knitting designs, accessories and garments and 1 common yarn supply 
  • Exclusive Alāna pattern only available with issue purchase
  • A meaningful look in to exploring a range of supplies from one source---what we used & suggestions for your local sourcing
  • Stories behind each design
  • New layouts that make a smaller footprint while giving you the same amount of beautiful moments to see
  • A visit with Melody Hoffmann in there studio 
  • 2 new creative knitters join in this issue! 
  • An underwater view of things...


$16 USD

 * These digital editions will include a download code that enables readers to add the patterns to their Ravelry library. Subscribers benefit from the discounted pattern prices. Knitters may purchase individual collections during their limited time releases. Both subscriptions and collections include all the bits that create the storybook: images, substitution information, articles, tips and techniques and more. Select individual patterns will be available but will not include all these added bits to enjoy.