Sharing Lunch is a project that does exactly as its name suggests.

We share lunches. 



{I just pack them and pass them out for us.}

Think of this idea like this:

Ever had someone fix you a meal unexpectedly when you really could use it? Or maybe you wish someone had. After delivering each of my children there were friends and neighbors who brought my family and I meals. After stays in the hospital for procedures, after losing loved ones, out of the blue as I juggled 3 kids and a husband serving his country far from home---people would bring a meal and with it lift my spirit.

Sharing Lunch gives a bag lunch to somebody who really isn't expecting it.

They are expecting nothing.

Not a hand out.

Not a meal.

Not relief from an empty stomach.


I need help to help.

Give a listen to the message to understand what this means for us as we work together to share.

And if you feel led to, join in with the options below.

Each donation supply is limited for what we need for the week**. The patterns change and bundles change. Please allow us 1 business day to email you any codes that may be specific to your purchase. 


For $3 we will share with you the Bellingham Mitts pattern 


For $6 we will share with you the Bellingham Mitts & Hana Hou cardigan Patterns 


For $12 we will share the Bellingham Mitts, Hana Hou Cardigan patterns & a code from Hunter Hammersen for one free pattern of your choice from her Ravelry store

image copyright Hunter Hammersen

image copyright Hunter Hammersen

Maybe you don't knit & still want to give? We appreciate your generosity!


** if you are unable to purchase when you click it means we have shared all we had with you for that option. Thank you for wanting to share with us, either try a different level or check back next Friday night. We update once a week. 


Is this a charity?

No, you are purchasing a discounted pattern or pattern bundle where the money from the sale will be used to make a lunch sack.

These lunch sacks will be made for people I don't know, but I see frequently at local spots that could benefit from a helpful meal.

I know this works (firsthand) as I have already shared lunches with neighbors in need already before offering you the opportunity to join in with me.

Am I locked in?Is this a subscription?

No, you are free to purchase whichever bundles you like, or not buy if you prefer.

You are not subscribing to anything. You are purchasing a "Special Offering": a reduced price pattern or patterns available for download or a code to choose your own pattern.

You get a great treat of a deal and you get to help provide a lunch with your purchase!

Are there other things that might be helpful for me to know?

I am glad you asked! First, I am thankful you took the time to read this far!

Want to know more about me to see what kind of person is sharing this idea with you? Head over here. or here.

In some cases your patterns or codes may take up to one business day to process. 

Pattern discounts & bundles are in limited quantity. Once we hit our goal for the week we stop sharing them and wait until the following week. Just like we are taught as children, we don't take more than we need. 

Wait Melissa I thought of one more question & you didn't mention it....

What if I don't want the pattern? Can I just buy a lunch?

Wow! That is super thoughtful of you. I would love it if we all got something out of this, so you could always pass on your purchase to a knitter as a gift. How great is that? A win-win-win! But if you want to simply give, you can certainly do just that. Use the "Give Freely" buttons above as you are inclined.

Or if there isn't a pattern bundle you see right now that you are stoked about, check in every Friday night to see what we have changed the special deals to be! You may see something unexpected that you want then. 

This week I would love to thank Hunter Hammersen for generously providing her pattern codes for bundles! See more of her incredible designs, collections and books by visiting Violently Domestic.