This week's podcast is a mini-training session on colour! Because we had such great content shared with us from an enthusiastic and knowledgable colour ambassador we have our first 2 part podcast! 
Since I am not much of a "wait around until something happens" kinda girl I am sharing both segments this week. Take your time and listen at your leisure!

In Part A we look over images discussed and linked in your free guide created by our guest, Stephaine Alford. We think through each term that qualifies yarn colour behaviour in an effort to get a better idea of what to expect as we knit. Thoughtfully and with much merriment, Stephanie does an excellent job of explaining technical matters so we all have a common colour language.

Then be sure to give a listen to Part B and hear more important considerations for knitters to bear in mind as they shop for yarn on-line! Our yarn giveaways are also announced!

The download below is used in both Part A & Part B. Stephanie shares a link to a special web page she created just for us with lots of beautiful colour examples to see and compare in Part A as well as images to use for our "Monitor Tests" in Part B. You can get that useful guide below.