There are moments wen we reach the final page in a story and we wish we could start again. The "again" we want is the whole first time experience...the one where it is all fresh and new and just being discovered. We rarely get that moment returned. We instead find a comfortable, familiar place where we may discover things overlooked or re-live moments in the story we very much loved.

This page is dedicated to both. Allowing you an opportunity to read new stories, enhance those you have already ready, and clearly see things that you may have overlooked. Do enjoy this place! Do return to see more! This is a place just for You, Dear Subscriber. It will be curated over the course of the next 8 weeks, images added, words and thoughts shared, voices heard, advice on knitting expanded. Images not included in the publication will also be featured here. This page is to become a lovely stopping point for inspiration and encouragement as well as moments to re-enjoy DWELL. 

You can look forward to new items being added here on February 15 & 29, March 15 & 29, April 7 & 13---with the last update in April sharing a few sneak peeks of REFLECT before others see it! 

Moments from Oregon with Friends!

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If you enjoyed the Almost Pierogies story, you are in for a TASTY TREAT!

I am sharing with you my Jagi's yummy pierogi recipe!

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